Ken Colledge

"Thank you for your expertise with Ken's eyes.  They are a priceless commodity!!  Great to see the personal touch still exists in the medical community.  We will highly recommend you to others."


After cataract surgery.

Posted Date: 2-16-2013


Deloris Furniss

"Its like the air has been cleared, I never realized how much better my vision could get."


After Restor multifocal lens implantation.

Posted Date: 1-27-2013 I “Deloris Furniss”

Danelle Gross

"I will definitely be referring people to see Dr. Williams, he was so nice and professional."

Posted Date: 10-11-2012 I “Danelle Gross”

Magdalen Privett

"I never realized how bright the world was, thank you."

Posted Date: 10-11-2012 I “Magdalen Privett”


Lynn Allred

"The world is so much more bright and beautiful after my cataract surgery."  Perfect 20/20

Posted Date: 12-19-2012 I “Lynn Allred”


Jeanene Minnoch

"Wow, those car lights are not just big blurry blobs anymore, I just wanted to stop int he middle fo the street and stare at them"  After cataract surgery.

Posted Date: 12-19-2012 I “Jeanene Minnoch”